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Great Graphics, great game play and well designed. Please add more towers PRETTY PLEASE.



Hey there! I hope you don't mind but I wanted to make a let's play of your game. I had such a blast with it and would love to see more if you ever have the time =3

The web version ain't working AT ALL.

Any chance to get the windows build repacked as a .zip or .7z? It'd be cool to get them working in our desktop app. More info on this page.


Hey, thanks for noticing. We just replaced the rar versions with zip

We wrote about your game on our website, the experience was very enjoyable and our thoughts can be found on this article.

Keep this great work.

Very nice game, addictive and cute. The end is funny !

Any plan for an Android or ios release ?

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Wow, I just saw this today.

We just conceived it as a Ludum Dare game, but a lot of people has liked it. We need to think about what we can do with it, because we are full into development with Immortal Redneck and don't have enough time for anything else... We'll see.

Sorry for answering so late.