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It's about damn time you join the resistance. Gather local guerrilla partisans in your bikecab and drive them to their destination as quickly as possible. Every time you deliver them at an extraction point your bikecab will grow, making driving more and more complicated.

Go faster. Avoid locals. Go faster. Grow. Go faster. Avoid buildings. Go faster. Keep growing. Go faster. MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

How to play

Drive through the city picking up guerrilla partisans. When all the slots of your bikecab are completed, you'll receive guidance to a destination. Go there, leave them and your bike will grow with a new trailer allowing you to carry more partisans.

The more trailers you have, the more people you can carry but the driving will become more and more complicated since each trailer has its own physics and crashing them intro buildings or cars will break the chain and you'll lose them.

Compete in the global leaderboards to become the most helpful resistance driver.


  • W or Up Arrow: Accelerate
  • A/D or Left/Right Arrow: Turn
  • Common gamepads should work (RT: Accelerate. Joystick: Turn)


DriftPunk_Win.zip 67 MB
DriftPunk_Mac.zip 70 MB


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Somehow this managed to make me feel like both an amazing super futuristic retro sci-fi hoverbike driver and an absolute failure all in the span of a few seconds. The premise is a simple one but the execution is fantastic! The art style and music make you want to stay in this world but the constant frustration and shame of murdering far too many passengers is always weighing down on you! Overall I really enjoyed it, though the turning seems super sensitive and it's a little hard to tell when you're going to just bounce off something or crash your bike. Definitely worth a play!